SPA380.10 The Sociology of Big Cities

Taught in Spanish. This course will critically discuss the characteristics of large contemporary cities, specifically in Latin America, together with their transformations and consequences in different aspects of social life. The purpose of the class is to give you the tools to allow you to identify the field of action concerning the city, its tensions, and possibilities.

The class will introduce the students to some of the main contemporary urban problems and the evaluation of opportunities that the city and its transformation offer to overcome them.

In terms of focus, the course will focus on the relationship between social processes and urban forms, starting from the physical elements and characteristic patterns of the current big city, in order to examine the factors, institutions, actors, and processes that explain them and give them meaning.

This class is taught at Pontificia Universidad Católica and may not be available every semester. It may also be registered as SOC 380.10.

(PUC #IEU2002)

Department: Spanish

Location: Santiago

Credits: 3