SPA380.20 Chilean Society at the Crossroads: A Path to Prosperity (Fall, Spring)

La encrucijada de la sociedad chilena: una vía real a la prosperidad  is the result of the collaborative efforts of Syracuse University and our local partner university, Pontificia Universidad Católica. Taught by faculty from both institutions, it is an intensive language and cultural immersion course designed to prepare you for your transition to life in Chile and for success in Chilean university classrooms. A highly interactive, hybrid-format course, the class offers an opportunity to engage with your Santiago-based professors and fellow students prior to arrival. It begins online prior to your departure and continues after you arrive in Santiago.

You will deepen your Spanish skills as you build your understanding of Chilean culture and identity by discussing the country’s arts, films, television, and plays and their significance.  At roundtable discussions, you’ll debate political, social, health, environmental, and economic issues of practical and moral concern to contemporary Chilenos, and you’ll write editorials and make oral presentations on them.

Topics covered include:

  • Chilean music: Víctor Jara, Violeta Parra
  • Chilean poetry: Gabriela Mistral, Pablo Neruda
  • Education and academic culture
  • Poverty and social mobility
  • Historical and current immigration
  • International relations, trade, isolationism
  • The Chilean constitution — past, present, and future

This course is required if you have not yet completed SPA 202 at Syracuse (or the equivalent). It is strongly recommended for all participants in the Santiago program.

Meets with: SPA 680.20, with additional work required for graduate students

Prereq: SPA 201, three semesters of college-level Spanish, or the equivalent

Department: Spanish

Location: Santiago

Credits: 3