SPA480.50 History of Chilean Photography

The course aims to integrate historical analysis with digital and analog photography. Contents are developed diachronically, examining the principal historical milestones of photography in Chile, its evolution over time,  and the analysis of its visual and aesthetic clues.

Upon successful completion of this class, you will be able to:

  • Describe¬† a diachronic vision of Chilean photographic tradition, its main exponents, and its principal creative propositions,
  • Recognize and express systems, topics, and rhetorical strategies that integrate the visual specifics of historical Chilean photography
  • Understand and enumerate the particularities that shape a visual identity through diverse photographic genres
  • Describe how the process of photographic expansion is a phenomenon of aesthetic consumption renewing the cultural symbolic universe of Chile.

Topics covered in the class will include:

  • The origin of photography and its establishment in Chile
  • The modern photographic portrait in a traditional society
  • Development of family and geographic albums
  • Wartime photojournalism
  • End of the Century and the new Century: Chile in multiple images
  • Artistic photography and the creative process
  • Social photojournalism
  • New trends in Chilean photography
  • The new digital paradigm

(PUC #EOS2882)

Matriculated Syracuse students: This course counts toward the Spanish major or minor.

Department: Spanish

Location: Santiago

Credits: 3