SPM300.2 The Business of Sport (Fall, Spring)

In the last thirty years, sports business has become one of the biggest industries in the world, having an enormous impact in economics, politics and media, something deeply reflected in our society. Sports thrive in this day and age as a dynamic force, being a strong influence in other markets, achieving recognition from other management disciplines as a unique and specific business model. In this course, we’ll discuss how the sector’s growth involves a series of challenges for future managers:

  • New technologies applied to sports business,
  • Increased profitability requirements of sponsorship models, and
  • The development of new business models by focusing on customer/user behavior.

This course aims to provide a global understanding of the sports industry structure, players, and trends from a business perspective (B2C and B2B), the drivers of change, and the different dynamics created between stakeholders. Building on these foundations, the course will equip the students with the necessary tools and knowledge to analyze, evaluate and make management decisions in the context of sports business. Students will participate in company visits and meetings with industry professionals in Spain. May also be registered under BUA 300.2.

Department: Sport Management

Location: Madrid

Semesters: Fall, Spring

Credits: 3