WGS380.2 History of Gender in Chile

Taught in Spanish at Pontificia Universidad Católica and may not be offered every semester. This course examines the history of gender in Chile from the colonial period to the present. By approaching this history using gender as a category of analysis, the course will grapple with how women’s and men’s roles in Chilean society were socially constructed and influenced other social relationships. Following Joan W. Scott’s model, we will investigate how gender shapes politics and politics shapes gender. We will focus on how gender has shaped historical processes such as formation of the state and construction of citizenship, culture, and daily life, and investigate how gender intersects with sexuality, race, ethnicity, and class. The main objective of the course is that students learn how to articulate how gender as a mode of analysis offering unique perspectives that often challenge prevalent historical narratives and chronologies.

(PUC #IHI2323)

Department: Women's and Gender Studies

Location: Santiago

Credits: 3