Course Fees

Syracuse London Center: Fall 2022

Students who register for any of the courses listed below will be charged a fee to cover lab supplies and maintenance, concert, or theatre tickets, and/or special activities, such as study tours, which are an integral part of the course. Study tour fees may reflect the cost of transportation, accommodations, some group meals, and entry fees. This is not a bill.

Fees are billed from Syracuse following online registration, appearing on a subsequent Bursar statement. Students receive an email notice to view their bill in MySlice. These fees are not included in either the tuition or program fee charges, which are typically billed prior to course fee billing. Any fee increases or new course-related fees approved after this date will be announced prior to registration. All students who register for a course with a course-related fee are required to pay the fee, even if they are only auditing the course.

Please note that any field study listed below is mandatory for registered students, and some trips may take place over a weekend. Students are advised not to make personal travel plans until they are abroad and aware of all their academic commitments. Do NOT make travel plans before you arrive in London and see your course syllabi; otherwise, you might need to rearrange your personal travel plans, since course-related field study takes precedence.

Financial Deadline to Withdraw from the Program: Please refer to the SU Tuition, Fees, and Related Policies Bulletin for information on refund of course-related fees for students who withdraw from the program voluntarily, involuntarily, or due to suspension or expulsion.

Drop Deadline:  Students who drop a class by the Financial Deadline indicated in MySlice may request a refund of any unspent or uncommitted portion of the course fee. There is no refund of course fees to students who drop a class after this deadline, nor to those who fail to attend a required study tour.

Mandatory Field Study, Activities, and Lab Fees

All Architecture design courses: ARC 407/408/608/609 (studio-related materials, site visits, and AA membership) $320

ARC 434 – London’s Built Environment (site visits, related costs) $50

ARC 500.1 – Genealogies of the City: A Comparative Study of London’s Urban Lineage (site visits, related costs) $50

ARC 561 – Survey of British Architecture (day and overnight field study trips, site visits, related costs) * $1,265

BUA/CRS 300.1 – London’s Creative Industries (site visits and/or guided tours) $100

DRA 351 – Contemporary British and European Theatre: The London Stage (theatre tickets, site visits, guided tours) * $465

DRA 451 – The Modern Stage: Theories, Issues, Productions (theatre tickets, site visits, guided tours) * $465

ENG 320 – Interpreting Shakespeare (theatre tickets, guided tours, related costs) * $270

HOA 208 – An Architectural History of London (site visits, related costs) $100

PHO 204 – Introduction to Photography (lab fee, production materials, site visit and/or tour) $90

SOC 367 – Sociology of Sport (site visits) $40

SPM 300.1 – Sport in the United Kingdom (sporting event tickets and site visits) * $130

*  Tickets are purchased by Syracuse London in advance based on enrollment numbers at the end of online registration. Once registered, students are responsible for all expended and committed costs, which could be as high as the full course fee—even if the course is dropped prior to the start of classes.