Representative Internships

United Nations Chile Office, ACNUDH

In Santiago, there are eight United Nations agencies that operate independently but are coordinated by a Resident Coordinator. Two graduate students have worked with the Human Rights agency in the fields of peace maintenance, women’s development, refugees and social justice, among others.

United Nations Chile Office, PNUD

In this program devoted to development, one graduate student worked in the field of energy and industrial development.


The Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean was created in 1948 as one of the five main commissions of United Nations. Its central office is located in Santiago, with regional offices in Mexico and Puerto España. CEPAL promotes research and advising for the cooperation and integration of the countries in the region.


The Faculty of Social Sciences of Latin America was created in 1957, as an initiative of UNESCO, in Santiago de Chile. FLACSO defines itself as a center of Latin American research that promotes economic development, equality and the strengthening of democracy.

World Vision

World Vision International was created in 1950 as a Christian organization to protect orphan children after the war in Korea. The Chilean office was created in 1980 with the goal of supporting children and families in situations of poverty. As a natural outgrowth, they started to work with community members in a range of areas such as education and entrepreneurship.

Museo de la Memoria

This museum was inaugurated in 2010 and is the first museum dedicated to historical memory in Chile. The museum has a documentation department that works with information related to human rights issues and the dictatorship. Some of the possible fields of work include: research, museum studies, contact with other similar museums in the world and fundraising.

Fundacion Dialoga

This institution was created by President Michele Bachelet with the objective of promoting new ideas and actions to renew the political scene in Chile. The foundation has different focus areas, such as gender issues, health, social development and communications.

Parque por la Paz Villa Grimaldi

A former detention center during the dictatorship now turned into a park. Their work mainly falls under the following areas: the creation of a museum, an education department devoted to human rights and an archive of oral testimonies of prisoners.

AMCHAM Chile (American-Chilean Chamber of Commerce)

An organization devoted to stimulating trade between the USA and Chile through the development of research, seminars and support given to Chilean companies that wish to start business endeavors with companies based in the USA.

Fundación Fe y Alegría

This is a Jesuit organization that works in several countries in Latin America, in the fields of education and social development.


Organization devoted to fighting poverty in several countries in Latin America through the development of community-based projects and the promotion of social awareness. This organization was founded in Chile in 2001 and then spread to other countries in the region.


An organization that works with entrepreneurs to help in the development of competitive business skills and efficiency to compete in the market. This organization is located in several countries in Africa and Latin America.