Refund Policy

Syracuse Abroad Refund Policy

Syracuse Abroad refund policy is based on the timing of student’s decision to withdraw from the program or defer it to a future semester.

If the decision is communicated to Syracuse Abroad before the commitment deadline:

  • Study abroad students can withdraw or defer enrollment to a new semester, without any financial penalty from Syracuse Abroad, before the respective program commitment deadline. This means students will not incur charges on their bursar account from Syracuse Abroad if they withdraw or defer before their program’s deadline.

Withdrawal after the commitment deadline may result in a charge up to the full amount of the program fee, based on applicable committed and unrecoverable costs incurred on behalf of students at the time of the withdrawal request.

Below are the commitment deadlines by program:

Fall 2024 Programs
Commitment Deadline
Florence Host Family/Apartment
June 15
Florence Residence Hall
June 15
June 15
Madrid Residence Hall
June 15
Madrid Host Family
June 15
Madrid Xior
June 15
June 15
June 15
Exploring Central Europe
June 15

If the decision is communicated to Syracuse Abroad after the commitment deadline:

  • Syracuse Abroad will work with each student to minimize the financial impact of a withdrawal/cancellation. Refunds will be consistent with the University refund policy stated on the Tuition, Fees, and Related Policies Bulletin (page 16).  Students are encouraged to read the policy.
  • The actual amount of unrecoverable charges will depend on a variety of factors including type of housing and the point in time when the withdrawal/cancellation takes place.

At any point and pending availability, students can switch to a new program at a different Syracuse Abroad center.  Unrecoverable expenses/fees may apply. Please contact your Syracuse Abroad program advisor to inquire.

Students can also defer their application to a subsequent semester. If students wish to defer enrollment, the application fee and non-refundable Participation Confirmation Deposit of $575 will be applied to the future semester program, as long as there are no unrecoverable expenses/fees at the time of the deferral request.

  • A maximum of a one-time deferment of the deposit will be permitted. Please contact your Syracuse Abroad program advisor to make this change.

For World Partner students, both the partner’s and Syracuse Abroad’s refund policies will apply.  Students are encouraged to research both policies.