In order to allow you to adapt as easily as possible, keep in regular contact with your support system at home. However, it is equally important to strike a balance that will allow you to be independent and feel comfortable in Madrid. Only you can determine how much contact is enough, but a reasonable recommendation would be regular emails/texts with a brief phone call or webcam (i.e., Skype, Facetime) session once a week.

Remind your loved ones of the time difference. Even though you think you’re being very quiet with your laptop in your bedroom, noise carries, as does your screen light. As part of your Roommate Agreement, establish a web or phone call schedule and a maximum call duration with your loved ones at home. Even if you don’t have a roommate, it’s important to be mindful of your communication with loved ones to help you have a healthy adaptation and a pleasant living environment.

Cell Phones

Students are required to provide the Student Life staff with a local contact number so that we may be able to reach you in the event of an emergency. We understand that some students prefer to set up an international plan with their U.S. service provider while others would rather purchase a SIM card from a local provider. Whichever solution you choose, it’s essential that you share your contact number with us.

Popular U.S. international call plans

Popular Spanish pay-as-you-go calling plans

Read here for more detailed information on cell phone plans.