Cell Phones and Local Providers

You are required to provide the Student Life staff with the number of a working cell phone that can make and receive calls at any time so that you can be reached in the event of an emergency. We understand that some students prefer to set up an international plan with their U.S. service provider, while others would rather purchase a SIM card from a local provider. Whichever solution you choose, it is essential that you share your number with us.

You must fill out the number change form if you get a new number (Spanish or otherwise) during your time abroad (this can also be found on the Syracuse Madrid app!).

Popular U.S. international call plans:

Popular Spanish pay-as-you-go calling plans:

While Vodafone and Orange in particular have been popular among past students, all of the following providers have stores throughout the country:

  • Movistar prepago
  • Orange prepago
  • Vodafone prepago
    • One advantage of Vodafone: all of their plans include data roaming throughout the EU, the U.K., and even in the U.S., which is great for traveling.
  • Yoigo prepago
  • O2 prepago
  • SIMYO prepago
  • An alternative is to go to El Corte Inglés, which is one of the major Spanish department stores, similar to Macy’s in the U.S. There, you will find information and services for all major Spanish and European phone providers, and you will be able to get a SIM card.

Tips for getting a pay-as-you-go plan:

  • When choosing a plan, ask for “prepago” (prepaid). You will then be able to pay your phone bill once a month at will and stop paying once you leave. Do not sign a contract!
  • There is no need for you to pay more than approximately 30€ a month.
  • You will need to bring your physical passport in order to get your SIM card.
  • If you have a host family, ask them for help. They will be able to help you!