Group Visa Submission

Students studying abroad at the Syracuse Centers in Florence and Madrid have the option to apply for their student visa through the Group Submission.

Students studying abroad at the Syracuse Centers in London, Strasbourg, Central Europe, and Santiago must apply for their student visa independently.

All students will be guided through the visa application process by their International Program Advisor.

We strongly advise against students traveling internationally in the months leading up to their departure for study abroad (from May 1 for study in fall; from October 1 for study in spring). This can adversely impact the application and processing of your student visa and may result in your not being able to study abroad.

Group Submissions:

Most students studying at the Syracuse Madrid Center and Syracuse Florence Center will be able to apply for a Spanish or Italian student visa through Syracuse Abroad’s Group Submission. You are highly encouraged to take advantage of this stress-free option.

What is a Group Submission?

The Spanish consulate in NYC and many of the Italian consulates in the U.S. allow (and encourage) a representative from Syracuse Abroad to collect the passports and application materials from all of our eligible students and submit them to the consulate for processing. It takes the consulate about 10-12 weeks to process the applications and issue the visas. After the visas have been issued, a Syracuse Abroad representative travels to the consulate to pick up the students’ passports and return them to the students.

What are the advantages for a student to participate in the Group Submission?

  • You save substantial time and money! A Syracuse Abroad representative makes two round-trips on your behalf…to drop off your passport and then to pick it up after your visa has been processed. 
  • Because we are collecting all your materials prior to submission, Syracuse Abroad will carefully review your application/documents and will assist with corrections.
  • If you do not participate in the Group Submission, you must apply in-person and/or pick up your passport in-person at the consulate.  You will need to make an on-line appointment to do this. During high volume seasons, obtaining an appointment can be very challenging.
  • Appointments at the foreign consulates are only available during weekdays so you will likely miss class for 1-2 days to apply for your visa.
  • Syracuse Abroad is not permitted to intervene on your behalf with the consulate if you are applying independently. We can advise you, but you need to act independently.
  • The Spanish and Italian consulates cannot guarantee that independent applicants will obtain their visa in time.  The consulates strongly prefer that students participate in the group submission when possible.

What if you cannot participate in the Group Submission?

There are sometimes situations (based on a student’s citizenship, for example) when a student cannot participate in the Group Submission. In these events, Syracuse Abroad will work closely with you and provide the proper instructions. Students who pay attention to the guidelines and apply in a timely manner have been successful in obtaining their visas. But – it is easiest and least expensive to participate in the Group Submission whenever possible!