Santiago Visa Information

U.S. citizens may choose to obtain a student visa to study in Chile. If you choose not to obtain a student visa prior to arrival in Chile, you will be required to travel outside of Chile at some point before your 90th day there to ensure you do not overstay the tourist permit you will receive at the airport. Students who are not U.S. citizens should research the visa requirements for your country of citizenship. Please contact Rick Cieri for more information.

If you choose to apply for a student visa prior to departure, please contact Rick Cieri for application instructions. While applying for the Chilean student visa, consulate requirements may vary. Please check requirements for the consular office closest to or in your state of residence.

To obtain a student visa to study in Santiago, Chile, you must complete and submit various documents to the Chilean Consulate, as listed on their website. ALL Consulates require a local, state, or federal background check stating that the applicant has no criminal record. As soon as you receive your background check, you can apply for a student visa. Students must apply at least 30 days before departure.

Additional visa information

Some students will participate in the Cuenca, Ecuador Immersion program before arriving in Santiago and all undergraduate students will take the Signature Seminar, Contemporary Issues in Chile and Latin America, which travels to Uruguay and Argentina.

U.S. citizens will not need visas to study in Cuenca, Ecuador OR for travel to Uruguay or Argentina. Non-U.S. citizens, however, must check with the appropriate consulates and embassies to see if visas are needed to enter Ecuador, Uruguay, or Argentina.