Student Services

Student Support Services: Domestic & Abroad

Syracuse Abroad makes the safety, security, and well-being of all our students a top priority. With student services teams both in our main office on campus, and at our respective centers overseas, we work swiftly and in concert to address student concerns.

From the start, as students complete the application process, they will be invited to disclose any physical or mental health concerns. Student services works with those students to consider how those conditions may impact their time abroad.

To best serve our students, our staff abroad and in Syracuse are part of an on-call emergency team. Our staff overseas offer direct support be it helping students file a police report if pickpocketed or accompany a student to the hospital during a health emergency. These staff work directly with our Student Services team in Syracuse, who will, when necessary, directly notify parents of an incident.

Diversity & Inclusion

Syracuse Abroad strives to create spaces that make every student feel welcomed, supported, empowered, and valued. Studying in a different country exposes you to diverse perspectives, values, and ways of living. These experiences are exciting and challenging. Our students embody a range of backgrounds and identities, and our programs and partners aim to prepare all students to adapt and thrive in these new environments. Resources and services are available to help you understand and reflect on the diversity in your host country, your home country and your own sense of self.

Advising on Diversity & Inclusion

Intercultural exchange lives at the heart of study abroad, but what each student brings to that exchange and how they experience it is unique for every student. Our staff domestic and overseas are committed to creating inclusive environments for our students and are here to assist students as they consider how their identity may shape their own unique experience abroad.