FIN380.4 Investment (Tsinghua U)

Effective Fall 2017, not open to Syracuse Management majors. Taught in English. This course will introduce and delineate basic concepts and techniques in investments by examining such topics as risk-return tradeoff, optimal portfolio construction, Capital Asset Pricing model and characteristics of stocks, bonds and derivative securities. While examining main investment topics, the course will present the key elements of portfolio management.

Class is taught by Tsinghua’s School of Economics & Management and may not be available every semester. Tsinghua’s exam schedule for this course may require students to stay beyond the regular SU Beijing program end-date. (TU #40511423)

Registration restriction: SU students may not earn credit for both this course and FIN 346.

Prereqs: Introductory finance and probabilities/statistics courses

Department: Finance

Location: Tsinghua

Credits: 3