Signature Seminar and Field Trips

Venice canal
Photo by Natalie Zisa


Signature Seminar: Sustainability and Environmental Justice in Europe (Optional, Fall & Spring)

Syracuse Florence students are able to join Syracuse London students for a Signature Seminar that discovers how innovation is keeping the Nordic countries of Denmark, Norway (spring only), Sweden, and Finland ranked as the most sustainable places on the planet. In each of the destinations, students will have a direct experience of the inequalities in access to clean air, water, energy and land. Read on for more information.

Signature Seminar: Eco-City Europe: New Lifestyles for Old Cities (Optional, Spring Only)

Join Syracuse University faculty members and local experts and visit several European cities where the changing transportation, food supply, waste cycle, and energy balance demonstrates an alternative urbanism that is on the way to reducing their carbon footprint by more than half. While the overall question of how to confront changing climate remains the central political issue of the future, you will examine inspiring transitional examples of new lifestyles that tend to bring citizens into denser living situations, reduce their collective needs for energy, manage their waste more economically, and in general produce a more satisfying existence. Read on for more information.

All-school field trips

In addition to extensive course-related field study, there are a number of all-school field trips that give all students, regardless of major, the opportunity to appreciate the history, art, and culture of Italy. Transportation, hotel, entry fees, and lectures for the field trips are all covered by the Florence program fee. The all-school field trips offer students a fantastic opportunity to travel within Italy with the guided expertise of Syracuse Florence field trip lecturers.

Course-related field study

Some courses offered in Florence have a field study component designed to provide first-hand experience. For example, Architecture students in professional degree programs participate in a distinct field trip series led by architects. When field studies are associated with a course, an extra course fee is charged to cover supplies, overnight accommodations, entrance fees, and other expenses. A full list of course-related fees will be distributed to all program participants prior to registration; course fees are not billed until registration has occurred and students have selected their classes.