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International SOS

International SOS

SantiagoSyracuse University is an institutional member of International SOS, a company that provides students studying abroad access to a full range of medical information and emergency services, including evacuation. For many years, ISOS has provided emergency medical services for worldwide organizations and corporations.

An ISOS membership card will be sent to you by SU Abroad before your semester abroad begins. Please use the SU membership number on the front of the card to access the ISOS website before you go abroad. Students should sign and carry the card with them at all times or download the smartphone app. Parents/guardians should record the membership number and website address so they also have access.

As a member, you have access to ISOS information services at no charge. These information services range from the website information provided (including country risk ratings, State Department postings, medical travel recommendations, and immunization requirements) to access to medical doctors via phone consultation, referrals to English-speaking doctors, to care assessment and translation services in case of hospitalization.

Please note, however, that use of actual medical services (beyond information services) is not free. While members have access to ISOS clinics and doctors around the world, delivery of such services must be covered by the member and/or the member's health insurance policy. The ISOS program and membership is not an insurance plan. Students are required to have health insurance that covers them abroad. In additon, under certain circumstance students will be responsible for ISOS fees related to the coordination of medical services.