As of January 2022, Syracuse Abroad is unable to accommodate Covid-19 Vaccination and/or booster Exemptions. All students studying with our programs must be fully vaccinated, and, if eligible, must also receive a booster dose and provide proof of inoculation prior to a published deadline for each program. In general, international governments have constraints on those unvaccinated such that robust participation in a study abroad program is not possible. The experience would be so compromised as to not meet the high standards of a Syracuse Abroad experience. Students with questions about this should reach out to their International Program Advisor.

All students studying at United States colleges or universities are required to have all their immunizations and vaccinations up to date. There are no immunizations required to travel between the United States, Western Europe, or Santiago. However, travel to other parts of the world may require additional precautions.

For additional information regarding recommended immunizations, contact the following resources: