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Law in London: Internships

Program Description

What You Need to Know

London is your campus for the 2013 summer law program. The city affords boundless opportunities for immersion in legal history, as well as observation of modern legal institutions in action. Your summer program schedule provides ample time to enjoy the culture and excitement of urban London and the beauty of the English countryside.

Syracuse University's College of Law offers law students a summer of legal study through internships in London. This program is for law students only. It is open to students from law schools throughout the country and Canada. Students learn about the English legal system through the comparative law experience.

The 2013 summer law program has been approved by the American Bar Association and is offered as part of the fully accredited curriculum of the Syracuse University College of Law. The College of Law is approved by the American Bar Association and is a member of the Association of American Law Schools.

After completing an introductory course on the English legal system, you commence a six-week internship in one of several prominent legal settings. The practitioners providing internships include solicitors specializing in criminal, labor and employment, tort, business law, intellectual property or property law; barristers whose chambers focus on criminal defense, commercial law, children's rights, and corporate transactions; public servant practitioners performing city-based transactional work, and criminal prosecution with the Crown Prosecution Service and corporate lawyers practicing in the areas of finance, insurance, and commercial work.

Each placement affords the opportunity for applied study of lawyering skills ranging from client-related activities such as case-management, interviewing, and trial preparation and participation to more theoretical activities requiring research and writing, problem-analysis and extensive observation.

Your internship experience is enhanced by weekly seminars conducted by the SU College of Law faculty and English practitioners. Through the combination of clerkship, weekly seminars, and reflective journals, you develop legal skills in an environment foreign enough to broaden perspectives, yet sufficiently familiar to allow valuable training for practice in the United States.

Eligibility and Requirements

Any student in good standing at an accredited law school who has completed at least one year of full-time or part-time legal study by May 23, 2013 is eligible to apply. Anticipated enrollment for the summer 2013 program is 25 students. Based upon previous experience, it is expected that approximately half of the students will come from Syracuse University College of Law and the remainder will come from law schools throughout the United States and Canada.

Acceptance of any credit or grade for any course taken in the program is subject to determination by the student's home institution. It is unlikely that participation in foreign summer programs may be used to accelerate graduation. Students interested in acceleration should contact their home institution to review this issue more thoroughly.

In order to apply to this program, please complete the online application:

Travel and Living

Students will arrange and pay for their own round-trip transportation to London. Local transportation within London is not covered by the program fee; students will have to cover the cost of transportation to and from your internship placement.

Advantage Travel has arranged a group flight for students on this program. We encourage students to travel on the group flight, which includes ground transportation upon arrival. More information, including a group flight reservation and payment form, can be found here:

Please note that while we encourage students to pursue flight arrangements, we would not encourage you to purchase your airline tickets before confirming that the program will be offered in 2013. Please request written notification from us that you can book your flight. You will have to present this notification if we cancel the program at a later date, and you want to be reimbursed for the cost of the ticket.

The cost of pre-arranged housing is not included in the program fee and you will be charged an additional $2,830 if you choose to live in the flats. Students who choose pre-arranged housing are housed in shared rooms in furnished flats arranged by Syracuse University for the duration of the program. Internet is available in the flats.


English Legal System
(Law, 910, 6 credits, graduate)

Students are graded on a pass/fail basis unless their school requires an assigned grade. In preparation for their assignments, interns take part in an intensive course on the legal system (described below). Internship work will then be augmented by weekly seminars led by faculty and practioners. In addition to mandatory attendance of classes and seminar sessions, program requirements include maintaining a journal and professional portfolio of your internship work, good and faithful discharge of internship responsibilities, and submission of an analytical and reflective essay on comparative (English/American) law.

The course meets for a minimum of 15 hours during the five-day period from May 27 through May 31. Through a series of lectures and discussions, students receive an intensive exposure in fundamental tenets of English law. The program emphasizes English legal institutions, the legal profession, court structure, and procedure in both civil and criminal cases, as well as selected areas of substantive law. Classes are supplemented by visits to one of the Inns of Court and a guided tour of “Legal London”.


SU College of Law professors Christian Day and Aviva Abramovsky are the co-directors of the 2013 program.

For detailed biographies on the program faculty, please refer to the following links: Professor Aviva Abramovsky and Professor Christian Day


Program begins:May 23, 2013
Classes begins:May 27, 2013
Internships in London ends:July 13, 2013
Application deadline:February 20, 2013*

* Applications received after February 20 will be considered if there is still space in the program.


GRADUATE (6 credits)
Tuition$7,770 (estimated)
Program Fee$800 *Plus additional $2,830 with housing
Total$8,570 (estimated without housing) *$11,400 (with housing)

Additional Financial Information: We estimate that students should budget accordingly for the following expenses:

Air travel: $1,000
Books & Supplies: $30
Personal: $500
Meals: $1,200
Visa Fees: $465
Inter-city transportation: $300

These figures are for expenses not covered in the tuition or program fee and are paid out-of-pocket.