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Studio Arts at the SU Center

Program Description

The SU Center art studios are located at piazzale Donatello, in an area first designated as an "artists' quarter" in 1874. Today there are about 50 studios around the piazza, on via degli Artisti and via della Robbia up to viale Milton, all built between the late 19th and early 20th centuries and reserved for the exclusive use of painters and sculptors. The studio spaces were designed so that areas of space were left free behind them, allowing natural light to enter; sculpture studios were built on the ground floor, with large doorways to allow the passage of statues. It is in such traditional, natural light-filled space that students will integrate their experience of visual art in their host city with their own creative interests.

Students admitted to the art program are expected to register for six to nine credits of studio courses. Based on portfolio review and areas of interest, students will be placed at the Syracuse Center, the Florentine studios, or in both facilities. Elective courses in art history expose students to concepts, processes, and techniques of Renaissance masters and their precursors. A gala art show, open to the Florence community, celebrates student work at the end of each semester.

Students who wish to take only three credits of studio art may be granted permission by the art coordinator in Florence on a space-available basis. Interested students must present evidence in Florence (portfolio, samples of work, etc.) of requisite skills.

Architecture and Studio Art Language Requirements:

Pre-Architecture students are required to enroll in the regular 6-credit Italian language program (Italian I, II, III, or IV and complementary LAC 2-credit course).

B.Arch. students are required to enroll in a minimum of three credits of Italian language (ITA I, II, III, or IV and a corequisite LAC course), attending classes through midterm.

M.Arch. I students do not have a language requirement, but may audit language classes at no extra charge.

Studio Art students enrolled in the full-time studio program (9 studio credits) are required to take at least three credits of Italian language, enrolling in the appropriate language and complementary LAC courses through midterm. Art students are strongly encouraged to take six credits.

Students taking only three credits of Studio Art are required to enroll in the regular 6-credit language program.


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