ARC500.2 Sustainable Urbanism in Europe (Fall, Spring) NOT OFFERED Fall 2024

European cities are generally more sustainable than their American counterparts, with the proportion of material and energy consumed for the daily needs of a single person ranking a third to 50% less, while the quality of life rates higher. This difference derives partly from the pre-industrial origins of European cities and partly from a conscientious effort by politicians and administrators to encourage lifestyle and energy alternatives that reduce greenhouse gases. While laws, techniques and design have a lot to do with the difference, lifestyle is perhaps the strongest factor. In this course you explore the sustainability of European cities through the lens of eco-urbanism.  Pursue three methods of study: a critical exploration of the history and social dimensions of ecological awareness; the case study of a European eco-city; and the design of urban sustainability initiatives for urban environments such as Florence.

Meets with GEO 400.2.

This course has an associated course fee. See the Course Fees webpage for more information.

This course will not be offered in Fall 2024.

Department: Architecture

Location: Florence

Semesters: Fall, Spring

Credits: 3