ARI300.2 Found Objects: Sculptures in Context (Fall, Spring)

Introduction to the various techniques (e.g., assemblage, decontextualization, dematerialization, juxtaposition, transformation) and theoretical frameworks (e.g., temporality, spatiality, postmodern pastiche, etc.) associated with object-making in twentieth-century European art (e.g., Dada, Arte Povere, Kinetics). Apply these techniques to various materials—natural, manufactured or mass-produced, raw, or found—in a series of projects.  Assignments will facilitate the study of social, historical, and cultural ideas of how objects exist in relationship to time, space, and the viewer. This course is appropriate for both beginning-level and more advanced students interested in studio arts.

Course fee:  to cover supplies and Florence site visit (2022-23 fee = $95).

Department: Art Intensive Studios

Location: Florence

Semesters: Fall, Spring

Credits: 3