COM348 Beauty and Diversity in Fashion Media (Fall, Spring)

This course examines critical issues associated with representations of bodies, clothing and appearances in fashion media. For many people, fashion is a cornerstone of modern identity, a crucial aspect of the way we see ourselves and others. In this class, students will identify and debate the challenging issues associated with the fashion industry and the ways that industry communicates with the public through media. Students will explore the concept of beauty, the politics of appearance, the construction/presentation of self, the communicative power of clothing, the impact of media on body image, and other subjects related to fashion media and its representation of diverse groups in global consumer culture. Special enrollment: to be considered, students must list course among the first four choices on their Course Request form and return the form by the deadline.

Enrollment priority given to Syracuse public communications majors who have not yet met their Diversity requirement.

Prereq: Strong academic record

Department: Communications

Location: London

Credits: 3