DRA351 Contemporary British and European Theater: The London Stage (Fall) OFFERED for spring in 2022 only

This course will introduce students to the current London theatrical scene, through weekly attendance at productions that are a mandatory part of the course. Students will be encouraged to broaden their understanding of the chosen productions, and of theatre in a wider context, by participating in class discussion, attending talks by theatre professionals, making a backstage visit with the class, visiting the theatre and performance department of the Victoria and Albert Museum, reading related hand-outs and theatre criticism in newspapers, and watching related videos in class. The course will examine the various elements that contribute to the success of stage productions, and will provide some background to the history of theatre in London to set the contemporary London theatre scene in context. Performance tickets are purchased in advance based on enrollment numbers at the end of online registration in June/July for the fall semester and November/December for the spring semester. Once registered, students are responsible for all expended and committed costs, which could be as high as full course fee, even if the course is dropped prior to the start of classes. Open to all except students admitted to the London Drama special program.

Course-related fee: A fee will be billed from Syracuse to cover theater tickets and related costs (2021-22 fee = $410).

Department: Drama

Location: London

Semester: Fall

Credits: 3