ENG320 Interpreting Shakespeare (Fall, Spring)

Not open to Fall drama program students. This course investigates the ongoing and vital cultural presence of William Shakespeare as his work continues to be performed and reinterpreted today: not just the plays themselves but, where possible, music and dance pieces inspired by the plays. The aim is to assemble an accurate picture of what Shakespeare’s work can mean in the public sphere, here and now, and how such meanings are produced in the context of the theatre culture from which Shakespeare sprang. Includes visits to London’s world-famous Globe Theatre in addition to attendance at current productions across the greater London area. Guest visitors form an important component of the course and have over time ranged from Tony and Olivier Award-winning actors and directors to the founder of the Royal Shakespeare Company, thereby allowing students a unique opportunity to meet with major theatrical talent in an intimate setting.

Note: Performance tickets are purchased in advance based on enrollment numbers at the end of online registration in June/July for the fall semester and November/December for the spring semester. Once registered, students are responsible for all expended and committed costs, which could be as high as full course fee, even if the course is dropped prior to the start of classes.

Satisfies the pre-1900 requirement for Syracuse University ETS majors.

Course-related fee: A fee will be billed from Syracuse to cover the cost of theater tickets and related costs associated with the course (2022-23 fee = $270).

Department: English and Textual Studies

Location: London

Semesters: Fall, Spring

Credits: 3