HOA208 An Architectural History of London (Fall, Spring)

Within an outline history of western architecture, London’s architecture developed, from Roman times to the present, and includes the influences of Italy, France, and later, America. All cities are unique and London developed around two centres, two miles apart, along the River Thames. The original walled city, founded by the Romans nearly 2000 years ago, is now a world centre of finance and commerce. At the West End the once monastic settlement of Westminster is where Monarchy, State, and Church now preside. Weekly class lectures are paired with related visits, including the British Museum, Tower of London, Westminster Abbey, Whitehall Banqueting Hall, Somerset House, Lloyds of London, National Gallery, and Royal Opera House. Some are incorporated in walks in both the City of London, and the West End. There may be an optional four-day field trip to Paris, visiting historical and modern buildings, museums and landscapes with course fee payable in London with Visa or MasterCard (fee announced in London).

In some semesters, not open to students in another course with an HOA rubric except for art history majors by request (check academic update for any restriction for current semester). These courses include HOA 201, HOA 372, HOA 473, and HOA/HST 474.

Course-related fee: A fee will be billed from Syracuse to cover site visits and related costs (2023-24 fee = $135).

Department: Art History

Location: London

Semesters: Fall, Spring

Credits: 3