HST300.8 History of Fashion (Fall, Spring)

Explore the history of fashion with an interdisciplinary approach focused on social, cultural, economic and political aspects. By focusing on select topics of key interest you will acquire a basic knowledge of the history of fashion from the Renaissance to the present, understand the complex and multivalent clothing codes that help to order social interaction, and learn to decode it. These abilities will provide you with a useful basis for understanding the capital role of the fashion of the past both as the origin of a ‘language’ of clothes still in use and as a boundless source of inspiration for contemporary designers.

Meets with DES/HOA 300.8/CRS 360.8.

Course fee: A fee will be charged to cover the costs of Florence site visits (2023-24 fee = $50).

Department: History

Location: Florence

Semesters: Fall, Spring

Credits: 3