HST380.12 Archaeology of the Ancient World (at UAM)

Open only to students accepted to the special program Madrid Center & Liberal Arts in Spanish at UAM

Taught in Spanish. 

SECTION 1. Greek Archaeology

  • Introduction. Classical Archaeology. The geographical environment of the Greco-Roman world.
  • Town and Country. The polis and its material manifestation. Urbanism.
  • The architecture of the city. Edilicia. Civil buildings. Living space.
  • The “archaeology of death” in the Greek world.
  • The instruments of daily life: pottery.

SECTION 2. The Roman world

  • Introduction. Rome in its origins: Etruria and Latium.
  • The town and country in Roman mindset. Urbanism.
  • The architecture of the city’s public buildings.
  • An orderly mind: the Roman temples.
  • Image of power and image of the family in Rome.
  • From handicraft to industry in Rome.
  • The “archaeology of death” in the Roman world.

(16890, Arqueología del Mundo Antiguo)

Department: History

Location: Liberal Arts at UAM

Credits: 3