PSC464 Borders in Flux: Identities and Conflict in Ireland (Signature Seminar; Fall, Spring)

Offered in Spring 2024 as a two-weekend field studies course during the semester.

Limited enrollment. Travelling to Dublin, Belfast, and Derry/Londonderry, students will discover how Ireland’s past is inseparably entangled with its present and how old wounds fester in current politics. The themes examined in this course include concepts of national identity (Irishness and Britishness); the religious conflict and peace-making attempts within Ireland; and considerations of new tensions wrought by international migration and regional politics. In each of the destinations of this intensive nine-day seminar, students will directly engage with aspects of Ireland’s past that impact its present, including reactions to Brexit, the eighth amendment referendum on abortion, and the economic crisis.

May also be registered as HST 464 or REL 328.

Course-related fee: A fee will be billed to cover field studies to include a weekend in Dublin and weekend in Belfast with trip to Derry (2023-2024 fee: $840). For this course, tickets are purchased by Syracuse London in advance. Once registered, students are responsible for all expended and committed costs, even if the course is dropped prior to the start of classes.

Department: Political Science

Location: London

Credits: 3