Jenna in Geneva
Photo: J. Merry, Geneva

2023 Short-term Programs in Europe

Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Travel to Scotland and perform a production at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival after preparing for it throughout the spring semester. The spring semester class functions as a self-contained company that includes actors, stage managers, and technical and design students.  Students will then reconvene in Edinburgh four or five days prior to the start of the Festival for brush-up and technical rehearsals.  During this time students will be able to explore Edinburgh’s many historic sites and museums. (1-3 credits; DRA 386) August

Entertainment Design Abroad: England from Henry to Hogwarts

Explore how the art, architecture and fashion of a particular culture affects, influencers and inspires design choices in entertainment productions in England. Through research and analysis of history, character (both historical and fictional), and script, you will be able to identify the design elements used in helping tell the story of a particular production, so you can make informed design choices in your discipline of choice. (3 credits; DRD 300) Spring break 2023


Complementing a semester course on issues in information systems, this program leads you through several European cities. You’ll have an insider’s view of top corporations and a chance to see what it’s like to work in today’s global economy. Through site visits, guest lectures, and readings, you will learn how some of the largest global corporations use information to address global technology challenges. (3 credits; IST 360/660)

European and International Human Rights Law

Travel to Strasbourg, France, over spring break to examine European human rights law from both a practical and a theoretical perspective. The course is designed to provide students with an informed and critical perspective on the European Convention on Human Rights’ system of articulating and implementing human rights and the ECHR system’s interactions with the broader network of international human rights bodies.  (1 credit; LAW 799)

Mediterranean Food and Culture

This course will provide you with an opportunity to experience one of the most renowned cuisines in the world. You will investigate the historic, geographic, and socioeconomic underpinnings of the Mediterranean diet, critique the health benefits and implications of following the diet, and discuss the current dietary habits of people surrounding the Mediterranean. Once in Italy, you will experience the current Mediterranean diet from farm to table by exploring small artisan producers for cheese, olive oil, and pasta. You will also work in the fields, shop for the freshest ingredients, and cook authentic Italian meals during your time in Italy. (3 credits; NSD 452/652) mid-May – early June

Mysteries of London

Through a combination of coursework in Syracuse and eight days of on-site study in London over spring break, this course will examine the mysteries and mystery literature of Victorian London and the ways they continue to fascinate contemporary novelists, filmmakers, and tourists. Site visits will include: Sherlock Holmes’ Baker Street; the creepy West Cemetery at Highgate (an inspiration for Dracula); the law buildings , prisons, courthouses, execution sites and back alleys immortalized by Charles Dickens; and the East End neighborhoods terrorized in 1888 by Jack the Ripper. (4 credits; ENG 400) Spring break 2023

Sustainable Practices in Winemaking

Students will visit several wineries in Italy that focus on sustainable winemaking and viticulture. All participating wineries have been certified Organic, Sustainable, Biologic, Biodynamic or use organically grown grapes. Students will learn the tenants of sustainable winemaking and viticulture as well as climactic and ecological reasons driving wineries to move in this direction.