Middle East

2024 Summer Programs in the Middle East


Internships in Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv University International invites you to immerse yourself in this excellent academic program while you intern in Tel Aviv, labeled the “World’s Smartest City”. This 7-week internship program is tailored to fit individual academic fields and professional interests. While interning, students will receive academic credit and participate in a professional workshop specializing in career development, organizational behavior, and cultural differences in the workplace. Students are required to enroll in a 3-credit academic course, Professional and Academic Development in Experiential Learning, designed to complement and enhance the internship learning experience. (3 credits; BUA 380)

Middle East Policy and Security Studies

This 2-week program features some of the top security and terrorism experts from inside and outside Israel. Learn first-hand how Israelis approach conflict and grapple with terrorism and other security issues. Class lectures will feature a wide range of topics from media and the Middle East to dilemmas in counter-terrorism decision making and the Persian Gulf. In addition to classes and lectures, the course includes a tour of Tel Aviv, day trips to northern Israel and Jerusalem, and other field trips and activities designed to enhance your understanding of Israeli culture. You’ll be expected to complete required reading assignments prior to departure to the course and submit a research paper one month after the course concludes. (3 credits; PSC 400)


CIEE Jordan Middle East Studies

Spend four weeks in Amman, Jordan in this rigorous summer program designed to help students learn about the history, culture, and politics of Jordan and the Middle East with content courses taught in English.  From an archeological survey of Jordan to an exploration of the Palestinian conflict, students gain insights into the history and culture of this complex region. In this undergraduate course, students will critically examine the complex relationship between the United States and the Arab World during the past 150 years, with particular focus on relations during the past decade. (3 credits; MES 380) 

Note: this course can apply towards the Middle East/North Africa regional concentration or the International Security and Diplomacy concentration for IR students!