Summer Internships

Summer internships abroad are a great way to gain international work experience in a short amount of time! Syracuse Abroad offers a variety of summer internship opportunities abroad including opportunities through our Syracuse Centers, internship programs led by Syracuse University faculty, and programs with pre-approved partners.

Summer Internship Programs


Florence Summer Internships

Academic Level: Undergraduate
Length: 6 weeks
Language: English, Italian

Internships in Tel Aviv

Academic Level: Undergraduate
Length: 7 weeks
Language: English
Courts of Justice

London Ex

Academic Level: Graduate
Length: 7 weeks
Language: English

London Summer Internships

Academic Level: Undergraduate
Length: 7 weeks
Language: English

Council of Europe Internships

Academic Level: Undergraduate/Graduate
Length: 6 weeks
Language: English
Gran Via Madrid

Madrid Summer Internships

Academic Level: Undergraduate
Length: 5 weeks
Language: Spanish

Singapore Internship Program

Academic Level: Undergraduate, Graduate
Length: 11-12 weeks
Language: English

Strasbourg Summer Internships

Academic Level: Undergraduate, Graduate
Length: 6 weeks
Language: French

The European and Global Internship Program in Brussels

Academic Level: Undergraduate, Graduate
Length: 7-weeks
Language: English, French

Why Intern Abroad?

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Gain real-world experience

Set yourself apart when searching for your dream job! An internship abroad will provide you with cross-cultural and communication skills like you’ve never imagined. Your experiences will enhance your resume and your worldview.

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Become world ready and career ready

Learn more about your field, and yourself, through any internship experience abroad. Your work with national companies, NGO’s and local organizations will expand your ability to work within global contexts.

person iconBuild your global network

Your Orange Family, but even bigger! Your alumni and career network will grow infinitely when you intern abroad. Meet new people, experience new cultures and learn what its like to live and work in a completely new environment.

Hear from Program Alumni

“I had amazing opportunity to intern with UK Sports Association (UKSA), which is an organization that works with and supports athletes with intellectual impairments to excel in national and international competitive sport. I cannot say enough good things about my program leader, her volunteers, my fellow interns, the athletes and what I was able to learn about myself and the international workplace.”

– Nicole Renzetti, London Summer Internships 2021

“I had the amazing opportunity to intern for International Crisis Group where I worked in their communications department and learned about the struggles people face around the world in different conflict zones and what is being done to assist them. I learned countless new skills and was able to sit in on many meetings with international diplomats.”

– Samantha Cooke, Brussels Internship Program 2019

“My experience in Singapore was one of both fulfillment and discovery. While gaining well-respected international career experience, I simultaneously immersed myself in Singapore’s mesh of cultures. I left the country with my eyes opened to a more serious career path and a renewed perception of my environment.”

-Singapore Internship student


Contact Laura Prioletti to learn more about specific programs.