Tuition, Grants & Aid for Visiting Students

Syracuse University partners with many universities and colleges regarding billing for approved programs. Students can connect with their study abroad office to discover the benefits of our relationship with their home school.

Syracuse Abroad is committed to making study abroad a reality for all students seeking academic opportunities beyond their home campus. There are a variety of grants and incentives for visiting students participating in Syracuse Abroad programs.

Learn more through our Financing Study Abroad video series!

New for Fall 2021 & Spring 2022 programs

Academic Excellence Award (GPA Based)

Full-time visiting undergraduate semester program students with a GPA of 3.7 – 4.0 attending a fall or spring semester will receive an academic excellence award in the following amounts. The award is automatic, based on cumulative GPA as reported at the time of application to the program.

  • Fall 2021: $1,400
  • Spring 2022: $650

Need-Based Merit Award (Combined GPA/Need Based)

Eligible full-time visiting undergraduate semester program students with a GPA of 3.0 – 3.69 will receive a need-based merit award in the following amounts. The award is automatic, based on the combination of qualifying GPA and financial need levels.

  • Fall 2021: $1,000
  • Spring 2022: $400

Travel Assistance Grants (Need Based)

Eligible full-time visiting undergraduate semester program students will receive an award of $850 for fall 2021 and spring 2022 programs.

This grant will be awarded to students who demonstrate financial need as determined by the Syracuse University Office of Financial Aid. This award will be a part of a student’s total financial aid package. Students will need to cover upfront costs of purchasing the flight as these funds will not be disbursed until closer to the start of the semester.

Visiting students interested in being reviewed for need-based awards should add Syracuse University to their FAFSA (code 002882).

Additional Grants & Scholarships

Study Abroad Grants (Need Based)

Provide Syracuse with access to your FAFSA for financial need review by logging into your FAFSA account online and adding Syracuse University (code 002882). Award amounts vary depending upon need level.

Continuation of Existing Financial Aid

Verify with your home school the continuation of existing financial aid (see below). Have your school complete a Financial Aid Transfer Form. If required, have your home school email a consortium agreement to using Consortium in the subject line.

Transferring Your Financial Aid

If you are currently receiving federal financial aid, you’ll want to confirm that such aid will continue while abroad. Contact the financial aid office at your home school to determine if your school will process financial aid for your enrollment in a Syracuse Abroad program.

If the home college has policies which preclude them from processing financial aid for the student at Syracuse University, you may be eligible for federal financial aid through Syracuse University, but only if your home college agrees to sign a consortium agreement with Syracuse University.

1. Home school processes your financial aid

Your home school may enter into a consortium agreement with Syracuse University in which they agree to process your financial aid for your study abroad program. Your home school should forward a copy of its own consortium agreement to the Syracuse Abroad business office. Under this arrangement, your school will process your financial aid as if you were still enrolled in your home campus.

To arrange for the transfer of your financial aid to Syracuse, we require that both the financial aid office and Bursar of your home college complete the Financial Aid Transfer form (found above). With this agreement, you will receive a billing statement directly from Syracuse University.

2. Syracuse University processes your financial aid

If your home school will not process your financial aid, Syracuse University may be able to process your Federal Pell Grant, Federal Direct Student Loan, Federal PLUS Loan or private alternative loan. To make arrangements for the processing, complete the following forms and return documents to the Syracuse Abroad business office:

Disbursement of Federal Loan Funds

In order to receive your loan funds you must sign a promissory note. Syracuse University cannot disburse your loan funds any earlier than 10 days before the first day of your program. All federal loans will disburse directly into your tuition account. The Syracuse University financial aid office will notify you or your parent(s) once the funds are credited to your account.

Refunds cannot be processed until after the funds have been deposited in your tuition account and your enrollment in your Syracuse Abroad program is verified. The Bursar’s Office will work in conjunction with the SU Abroad office to make sure your refund will be delivered to you.

Disbursement of Alternative Loans

Alternative loan funds may disburse via electronic funds transfer (EFT) or by paper check depending on your lender. Loan checks are made co-payable to you and Syracuse University. You must sign your check before it can be credited to your tuition account. If you are already overseas, the check will be sent to you for your signature. Students at Syracuse Abroad center-based locations may return the signed checks to their Syracuse Abroad staff; they will mail the check to University on your behalf. All other students should return the signed check to the Bursar’s Office.

Requesting a Refund

Students can request a refund for overages on their Bursar’s account online via MySlice. For instructions, visit the Bursar’s Office website . The process may take 7 to 10 days. As the refund will not be disbursed until your program has begun, do not rely on your loan refund to cover expenses prior to your departure and while initially abroad.