Summer Tuition and Fees


Syracuse Abroad summer program students will be charged the University’s per-credit summer tuition fee. In most programs, Syracuse Abroad students take between 3 and 9 credits. The number of credits for each program and the related tuition and program costs are listed for each program.

Program Fees

Each program has its own program fee. In general, the program fee covers costs for housing, some meals, program activities such as field trips and excursions, and an international I.D. card. Program fees vary for each program because that fee depends upon the services provided by a particular program as well as the cost of living at the program site. The program fees are listed with summer each program.

Course Fees

Course fees are program-specific and can be found online at each program page. They are billed after registration is confirmed overseas.

Housing and Meals

Housing and meal arrangements vary. You will find the housing options for your specific program on the program’s website. You will be assigned and introduced to your host family and/or roommate(s) after you arrive at the program site.

Additional Expenses


Expect to purchase textbooks for most summer programs before you depart from the United States. You will receive a course syllabus that will tell you which textbooks are required. For a few courses (language), you will purchase your textbooks overseas.

Incidental Personal Needs

Don’t forget to budget for your personal expenses. You will need to pay for laundry, dry cleaning, toiletries, postage, and miscellaneous supplies. You may also want a few luxuries, such as newspapers, movies, taxi fares, and entertainment. You will find that prices overseas will be higher than prices in the United States. Buying American brands overseas, e.g., cosmetics and contact lens products, can be very expensive. Depending on your spending habits, you may want to budget between $800 and $1,500 for incidentals.