As a student studying abroad with Syracuse, you automatically receive travel insurance benefits as part of your program fee. This is not major medical coverage, but will provide coverage for accidents or emergencies that occur overseas. It is important that you review your private insurance to see if global coverage is included. Taking into consideration the Syracuse Abroad insurance along with your private insurance, you can then make an informed decision on whether to purchase additional coverage based on your health situation.

Read on for some frequently asked questions on the Syracuse Abroad insurance:

What is included in my insurance coverage through Syracuse Abroad?

  • In addition to any of the global benefits that your private insurance may cover, the Syracuse Abroad insurance will cover emergencies or accidents that occur overseas. Illnesses are also covered, along with medical evacuation, security evacuation, limited personal property coverage, and 24/7 emergency assistance.
  • View the Syracuse Abroad Travel Insurance At-A-Glance for coverage basics. For more comprehensive coverage details, view the summary of benefits.

How does it work?

  • Be prepared to pay up front costs for medical visits, and Syracuse Abroad staff can assist with filing a claim to be reimbursed. Keep all receipts and any copies of medical bills, proof of payment that you receive, so that this can be submitted for review. If any portion of the claim is not approved for coverage through the Syracuse Abroad insurance, you should then work directly with your primary insurer to submit the claim separately for potential reimbursement.

When does this coverage begin and when does it end?

  • There is a 7 day window of coverage which bookends the program start and end dates to cover any travel to and from the program destination. That means that the start of coverage begins 7 days before the program starting, and ends 7 days after the program end date.

Are preventative care services such as vaccinations, health screenings, and check-ups covered?

  • Preventative care services are not covered under this policy. This policy includes accident and emergency coverage only. If more extensive coverage is needed, you can contact your primary insurer to purchase a rider onto your existing coverage. Or, if you are interested in a list of providers, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website offer resources you may find helpful. We encourage you to visit the U.S. State Department website for considerations travelers should make when researching a policy that provides global coverage.

I have been diagnosed with a condition that requires regular maintenance. Would the cost of continuing this maintenance overseas be covered?

  • This insurance does not cover regular maintenance care of a diagnosis that was identified prior to the program start date. However, if an unexpected medical situation/illness were to arise as a result of a previously diagnosed condition, coverage would apply. It is important that you work with your primary insurance to discuss coverage if you have a condition that requires regular maintenance.

I am on prescription medication that I will need to take during my time abroad. How does it work with this insurance?

  • The Syracuse Abroad insurance does not cover regular maintenance of a diagnosis identified prior to the program. So students currently taking medication (whether mental-health or general-health-related) are advised to bring an entire semester’s worth of medication with them, to avoid any potential issues of it not being available or not covered while abroad. Do not mail medication abroad; it is illegal to mail medication. Request an extended prescription by contacting your insurance company. Syracuse Abroad can provide a letter confirming your participation if necessary.
  • There are times when insurance companies may not approve an extended prescription. In these cases, students should contact International SOS to get advice about the availability and legality of prescriptions abroad. The ISOS representative can advise on expected costs and coordination of obtaining prescription refills abroad.

Will this cover me if I choose to travel back home during my program (during a semester break)?

  • Syracuse Abroad’s international travel insurance is intended for students temporarily pursuing educational activities outside of the United States and their Home Country.  This plan will not provide any insurance coverage within your Home Country.  “Home Country” means the country where a Covered Person has his or her true, fixed and permanent home and principal establishment.
  • If you plan to travel in your Home Country or plan on traveling for leisure outside of the Syracuse Abroad sponsored educational program, you will need to arrange and purchase additional insurance at your own expense.  This additional coverage is not eligible for reimbursement from Syracuse Abroad.  We recommend that you thoroughly research your options and carefully read policies regarding coverage and exclusions, and strongly advise you to purchase coverage that includes medical evacuation and repatriation.
  • One available option is the Gateway International plan. *  An optional Citizenship Return Rider can be added to the plan you desire.  The Citizenship Return Rider provides temporary medical coverage for non-U.S. citizens returning to their home country.  It can provide coverage for up to two weeks in a person’s home country.

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I am enrolled in the Syracuse University main campus health insurance plan. Will that cover me adequately?

  • The Syracuse Abroad insurance is completely separate from Syracuse main campus insurance that some students may be enrolled in. The Syracuse Abroad insurance is provided in addition to the main campus coverage. Syracuse University students that are enrolled in the main campus health insurance should visit the Health Services website for more information.

Who can I contact for more information?

Personal Property Insurance

Syracuse Abroad insurance does have limited coverage for loss of personal property. However, many students bring valuable equipment such as laptop computers and cameras overseas, and the limited benefits provided by the insurance may not be adequate to cover these items. To protect your possessions against fire, theft, vandalism, or other casualty, you may want to consult your parents’/guardians’ homeowners insurance as you may already have coverage available. If not, you may want to explore the possibility of obtaining additional coverage to protect the value of your possessions. We advise you to review the details of coverage of the Syracuse Abroad insurance to determine whether it will provide adequate personal property coverage to fit your needs.