“Planning Your Schedule” and Registration Instructions

“Planning Your Schedule” websites provide you with the most up-to-date academic information for your upcoming semester abroad. You’ll find course updates, additions and cancellations, and information on any applicable course fees. Most also include a schedule of classes so you can plan your preferred schedule.

Find all this information in OrangeAbroad under Planning Your Schedule. This is where you will also find a Course Preference Form (CPF). Use this CPF to indicate your preferred courses, as well as alternative selections. We strongly recommend that you have this form reviewed by your home college advisor(s) so you know whether and how the courses will count towards your degree program.

It is your responsibility to select courses that do not repeat prior study (even if the course is taught in another language or under a different course number or title). If you do not follow this advice, you run the risk of not earning credit for such a course. If you have any questions about whether a course covers the same or similar material to one already on your transcript, have your home institution review the new course syllabus prior to the academic add deadline. You can request syllabi from your International Program Advisor.

Students enrolling in a language course should be sure to register for the appropriate level. Matriculated Syracuse University students who have not yet studied this language at SU will need to take SU’s online placement survey/exam in order to register for the appropriate level. You may not register for a language course either less or more advanced than the appropriate level without first consulting with your academic advisor; Syracuse University students may also need permission from the language program coordinator on the main campus.

Syracuse students who want to retake a course must first discuss this with their academic advisor. If you have financial aid and want to retake a course, you should also seek advice from your financial aid counselor.

For students attending centers where course registration occurs online prior to departure, you will have access to a registration website with instructions and tips later in the process.

Fall 2024

(This section is updated regularly as new websites are completed and made available to students.)

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