Syracuse Abroad Policies

As a student in Syracuse University’s program abroad, or as an SU student studying at an SU affiliate program or university in another country, you are subject to the same rules and regulations as students on our home campus.

Studying abroad places additional responsibilities on you as a student and on us as a university. The following rules and regulations have been specially designed to enable Syracuse University to meet its obligations and responsibilities and to permit you to benefit fully from studying and living in a different country.

Syracuse Abroad acknowledges the same policies outlined in the University Student Handbook, the University Policies page, as well as in the Course Catalog. Students have the right to address any complaints or concerns by referring to published procedures noted on the Student Grievance Processes page.

It is Syracuse University’s policy to provide anyone, on request, with a printed copy of the University’s policies and procedures regarding campus security and safety, as well as crime rates and statistics for the most recent three-year period. A copy of¬†Your Safety and Security at Syracuse University, a handbook that provides this information, is available from DPS. The University’s crime information is also posted on the U.S. Department of Education¬†website.