Independent Housing Policy

Syracuse University requires all students to reside in program housing unless they meet specific criteria and are granted a waiver through a petition process.  An independent housing petition will only be reviewed should the applying student meet one of the following criteria:

  • Religious reasons – The student must provide acceptable documentation establishing the required living condition as a faith requirement that Syracuse Abroad cannot otherwise provide in approved housing.
  • Disability accommodation – the student must provide documentation and be approved by Syracuse University’s Center for Disability Resources (CDR) for a housing accommodation that cannot be accommodated by program housing,
  • Family member resides in the city of program – the student must provide documentation of the family members local address and a letter of support from a parent or guardian. 

The deadlines for submitting the independent housing petition form waiver:

  • Summer programs: March 1
  • Fall semester programs: May 1
  • Spring semester programs: October 1

If you have questions about the process please contact Bridget Demorest at