Special Petitions

Semester programs not affiliated with Syracuse Abroad

Policy: Semester-long study abroad opportunities for credit are available to Syracuse University (SU) students in the following ways:

  1. Through Syracuse Abroad’s overseas centers and featured programming
  2. Through Syracuse Abroad’s World Partner roster of affiliated programs, ranging from large university-based programs to intensive field study experiences
  3. Through a ‘special case’ petitioning process, whereby students petition the Assistant Provost & Executive Director of Syracuse Abroad to study at a non-affiliated program

Transfer credit will not be granted for courses that Syracuse University undergraduate students take (outside of these three options) while on a leave of absence to study abroad.

SU undergraduate students who can document a strong academic rationale for wanting to go abroad on a non-affiliated program may use a special petition process. If the petition is approved, students receive SU credit, calculated into their GPA, pay SU tuition, and receive SU financial aid (if eligible).

The petitioning process will include:

  1. An application and personal statement, offering a compelling academic rationale and demonstrating that the learning objectives cannot be met by any program offered by Syracuse Abroad
  2. Academic department review and approval of syllabi for courses the student plans to take abroad
  3. Review and approval by the Assistant Provost & Executive Director of Syracuse Abroad and the World Partner Program leadership team, in consultation with the student’s home college academic advisor(s) and relevant administrator(s)

If the petition is approved, the student will then complete a Syracuse Abroad online application, as well as the program application.

To obtain a Special Petition application, you must first meet with Cara Hardy, Assistant Director of World Partner Programs, to discuss the process and your academic rationale. Please contact Cara via email at crhardy@syr.edu to schedule an appointment.

Frequently asked questions about this policy are available here.

Deadlines for submission:

  • September 15 (for fall programs with start date the following year)
  • March 15 (for spring programs with start date the following year)