2017-18 Short-term Programs in Asia

Group in front of Taj MahalIndia

South Asian Culture: Family, Food, and Health Care Systems CFS/NSD/SAS 400/500 (3 credits, undergraduate or graduate) This course will introduce students involved in health care and education-related professional programs to the South Asian culture, family, food and healthcare systems. It will broaden your global perspectives, enhance your cultural competence, and expand your critical and comparative thinking skills. You’ll sample and experience the regional and religious diversity of this culture through lectures, films/documentaries, readings, and a cultural immersion trip to India.


Studying Disability in Japan and the U.S.: A Comparative Approach to Laws, Policies, and Perspectives LAW 881/EDU 500 (1 credit) Travel to Tokyo, Kyoto, and Hiroshima to compare Japan and the United States under a disability studies lens. You will draw on a number of disciplines, including policy, law, and education, for a close-up look at policies and practices in Japan. Tour sites of disability in Japan – schools, institutions, and government offices – and meet people with disabilities, all in an effort to learn how disability is negotiated.