2018 Summer Programs in Asia


Internships in Shanghai

Featuring placements in Shanghai, these internships are designed for undergraduate or graduate students who have already completed at least one term of study in China. Developed in collaboration with CET Academic Programs, these intensive 8-week, 3-credit internship programs are also open to Chinese nationals earning their degrees at a U.S. university. (3 credits; IPA 470/670)


Bollywood Practicum

Bollywood Practicum is a three-week hands-on production course and offers you an intensive experience studying HD production in Bollywood (the popular commercial Hindi cinema made in Mumbai, India). Students will be introduced to the history, aesthetics, language, business, and process of filmmaking in India, and incorporate these into their own media project. Cultural outings, film screenings, and other experiences will be used to supplement classroom activities in order to deepen the understanding of the experience abroad. (3 credits; TRF 400/600)


Mount Everest Base Camp Trek: The Human Response to High Altitude

Join a three-week academic and research trek to Everest Base Camp. Learn how the human body responds to high altitude while experiencing Himalayan culture and the world’s most amazing views. If you are adventurous and motivated, the personal rewards of this trip are as big as Everest itself! (3 credits; PPE 300/500)


Singapore Summer Internship Program

The program begins with a one-week mandatory orientation, which includes guest lectures, visits to local companies, and time to explore Singapore while work visas are secured. The second week begins the internship experience. Most students are placed in multi-national companies who have made Singapore their regional headquarters for operations in Southeast Asia. Students must be prepared to stay on for their internship placement for 11 to 12 weeks. Placements are available in a variety of areas, including but not limited to supply chain, process improvement, corporate finance, accounting, marketing, customer service, general management, legal, public affairs, and communications/entertainment. (3 or 6 credits; BUA 470/670 and/or BUA 490/690)

Traveling Seminar

Three Cities Architecture Studio in Asia

In this studio and seminar, you will live in 3 dense and vibrant Asian cities—Tokyo, Seoul, and Shanghai. Through visiting prominent urban attractions as well as experiencing daily life, you will construct urban observations through two lenses—the macro (through literature and lectures on data and facts, policies and codes, etc.) and the micro (through your own eyes). Then you’ll choose an urban issue, such as food, housing, transportation or hydrology, and build a narrative form of your focused research within the three cities. (9 credits; ARC 407/408/608/609 and ARC 500)