Syracuse Abroad Fall 2020 program updates

All Syracuse study abroad programs for Fall 2020 have been suspended due to the continued likelihood of international travel restrictions for US travelers, and the predicted COVID-19 related impact on experiential programming and overall student experience abroad.

We regret the impact this has on students planning on studying abroad next semester, and we hope that students choose to attend one of our Spring 2021 or Summer 2021 programs instead. All of our centers and partners are already designing exciting new activities, courses and programs to make the spring a robust and dynamic experience.

All fall applicants in need of assistance with their fall semester on campus should reach out to the following Syracuse University departments:

  • Students in need of housing for the Fall 2020 semester should contact the Office of Student Living. Please contact or 315-443-3637 for further assistance. For on campus housing, students can contact the Housing, Meal Plan and ID Card office at or 315-443-2721.
  • Students who need to register for Fall 2020 courses on main campus or make adjustments to your existing schedule, please contact your assigned academic advisor in your home school/college.

For more information, students can contact

New World Partner Program Announced

Syracuse Abroad is excited to announce that the University of Edinburgh has been added to the World Partner roster of approved programs.  In partnership with study abroad provider IFSA, students will receive a high level of pre-departure and in-country support while in Edinburgh and attending the university.

IFSA’s University of Edinburgh Partnership provides students with the opportunity to take courses at the sixth oldest university in the English-speaking world. Founded in 1583, the University has five main campuses in the city of Edinburgh, with many of the buildings in the historic Old Town belonging to the University. The University has played an important role in leading Edinburgh to its reputation as a chief intellectual center during the Age of Enlightenment and helped give the city the nickname of the Athens of the North.

Edinburgh is a glorious, historic city dominated by Edinburgh Castle. The city has it  all – beautiful, spacious parks, urban convenience, transportation links to the United Kingdom and Europe, and an unrivaled historical atmosphere. As home to the Fringe Festival, Edinburgh lends itself to the largest arts festival in the world. Edinburgh is also known for its luscious green landscapes, the filming sites for Harry Potter and the Royal Mile.

While studying at the University of Edinburgh, students can take part in a variety of classes and academically enriching opportunities. Areas of study include Archeology, Biology, Classics, Chemistry, Geography, History, Mathematics, Physics, Policy, Psychology and more. Students can even enroll in classes that center around Scotland such as Scottish History, Celtic studies and The Highland Bagpipe. The university consists of over 270 societies and 60 sports clubs including women in STEM, a cappella groups, orchestra and many more. This historic atmosphere lends itself to unlimited opportunities, adventures and discoveries.

The University of Edinburgh is open to students beginning in the spring 2021 semester. Applications are being accepted now until October 1. Students can make an appointment with Deb Goddard or contact her directly for more information at

View all World Partner Programs

Syracuse London’s Virtual Classroom

Syracuse London’s Virtual Classroom showcases the incredible work of professors and students as they continued learning together online and invites you to join them with a rich array of digital resources. Interview a Tube driver and take a ride underground on the Mail Rail; explore internet subcultures and use virtual reality to walk in a refugee’s shoes; or glimpse the Crown Jewels and propose a temporary exhibit at one of London’s iconic museums:

Learn more about the city of London, Center academics or even student work related to local culture, national history and global issues. Virtual London uses videos and interactive storytelling to place you right inside Syracuse London!

Syracuse Abroad Center Director Awarded ‘One University Award’


Congratulations to Juliet Golden, Center Director of Syracuse Abroad’s Central Europe program for receiving the Teaching Recognition Award. The Teaching Recognition Award is sponsored by the Meredith Professors to benefit non-tenured faculty members. It recognizes excellence in teaching and fosters a culture of collegial mentoring among faculty members.

Juleit’s work on the Exploring Central Europe program combines scholarly texts and first-hand sources with engaged research work from students. She works tirelessly to stress the important of local histories and memories of Europe’s past and present – which ultimately shape the future. Juliet’s unique teaching style allows students to understand the importance of the historical sites, and encourages them to ask critically important questions as global citizens of the world.

Margaret Himley, Director of LGBT Studies, notes Juliet’s accomplishments as Center Director for Syracuse Abroad:

“Juliet has always brought such a deep commitment to nurturing students as learners, as activists, as persons with unique hopes and goals and challenges. It’s inspiring to read what students have accomplished after being in this amazing abroad program, and who they have become.”

With a master’s in International Affairs and a Ph.D. in International Education, Professor Juliet Golden has designed and taught innovative courses about Central Europe for more than 10 years. Her deep interest in the history of Central Europe developed through research and her journalistic work in the region. Her interests include politics of memory, the Holocaust, urban spaces and architecture as well as photography. Exploring Central Europe is a fall-only semester program in which students travel to various locations throughout the semester, with their home base located in Wroclaw, Poland. Students investigate sites tied to WWII, the Holocaust, and Soviet totalitarian rule and learn about the complexity of issues related to history and social justice in comparative ways.

Syracuse University announced its 2020 One University Awards on May 8, honoring members of the University community for their scholarship, teaching, academic achievement, leadership and service.

This year’s awards include the Chancellor’s Citations for Excellence, 50 Years of Service Awards, Annual Milestone Years of Service Recognition, the Teaching Recognition Award, the Teaching Recognition Continuing Excellence Award, the Chancellor’s Award for Public Engagement and Scholarship and the Student-Athlete Award.


For more Award recipients read: One University Awards


Congratulations to Syracuse Abroad alumni Fulbright recipients!

Congratulations to all Fulbright recipients on this prestigious honor. Of the 7 Syracuse Undergraduates awarded Fulbrights this year, all students studied through Syracuse Abroad during their college careers. Syracuse Abroad is so proud to support these students on their next journey abroad!

Mackenzie Ryan studied in London in Fall 2017. She went on to intern in The White House as part of Syracuse’s Washington Semester Program with the Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs. Kenzie graduated in 2019 as a policy studies and political science graduate, and is now pursuing her MPA at Syracuse. She’s heading to Taiwan as an English Teaching Assistant.

Erin Elliott studied at Syracuse London in Fall 2018 and did a great deal with our Remembrance Program. She is graduating this year with a triple major in English and textual studies, fine arts, and public relations. She’s off to Norway!

Samar Al-Any also spent Fall 2018 at Syracuse London Center, and is off to Turkey.

Gwendolyn Burke participated in the London summer session in 2019, and she’s heading to Vietnam.

Leah Garlock, heading to South Korea, was part of the Spring 2015 Design Program in London

Jamie Lustig studied at the Madrid Center in Fall 2018 and is heading back to Spain!

Emma Ettinger studied at Oxford with our World Partner Program.


Learn more about all recipients here via SU News.

Real-World Learning in a Time of Pandemic

Our very own Syracuse London instructor Becca Farnum provides unique insights on classroom topics and positive remote learning opportunities amid COVID-19.

Seven program alumni named 2020 University Scholars

Syracuse University has announced its 12 University Scholars for the 2019- 2020 academic year and more than half have participated in Syracuse Abroad programs during their collegiate career. The University Scholar award is the highest undergraduate honor the University bestows and is based on academic achievement, independent research and creative work, and innovation in students’ chosen field. Several students attended Syracuse Abroad Centers, including London and Florence Centers, as well as one of our World Partner programs in Australia.

The impact of Syracuse Abroad is reflected through:2020 scholars

  • Nicole Stallings-Blanche (London, Spring 2019)
  • Morgan Trau (London, Spring 2019)
  • Margaret Garber (Discovery Florence, Fall 2016)
  • Natasha Liston-Beck (Architecture in Florence, Fall 2018)
  • Nicholas Barba (Hong Kong, Fall 2018)
  • Natalia Rice (Madrid, Spring 2019)
  • Bethany Murphy (World Partner – U. New South Wales, Spring 2019)

Becca Farnum, Community Outreach Advocate at Syracuse London, speaks about her interactions with Nicole and Morgan last spring in London. Nicole participated in the Design program and Morgan participated in the Syracuse London Lockerbie exchange.

“It was a pleasure to have Nicole and Morgan at the London Center in Spring 2019. Nicole participated in our special Design Program, making use of London’s rich cultural sector. During her semester abroad, Morgan travelled to Lockerbie with London staff to tour Pan Am Flight 103 sites. She met with first responders and taught a lesson on journalism to local Scottish pupils.”

“Syracuse London is also thrilled to see Bethany Murphy on this list, who will be travelling to the UK this autumn as a 2020 Marshall Scholar. Bethany served as a speaker for our “Gender & Science” Symposium in November 2020, Skyping into Imperial College London to talk about women in STEM.”

Amy Kleine, Assistant Director for Health and Wellness at Syracuse Florence, remembers Margaret as a 1st year student who participated in the Syracuse Abroad Discovery program where students can start their university career abroad.

“Margaret was all things we hope for in a study abroad student. She was a stellar student, who actively sought out opportunities for cultural immersion and was a leader among her Discovery Florence group. Kind, compassionate and full of life, Margaret, even as a first year student, showed her potential for great success in her academic career.”

Jessica Volpe, Assistant Director for Student Life at Syracuse Florence, reflects on her time with Natasha during her architecture program.

“My interaction with Natasha was very limited, but I can say that unlike many architecture students, she had requested to live in a homestay as opposed to an apartment. It think it says a lot about her character and her openness to learn about a new culture, particularly given the increased intensity of her program. From what I remember she also got along very well with her host family – a great success, I would say!”

View all 2020 Syracuse University Scholars here:

Fall 2020 application deadline extended to April 1

Syracuse Abroad recognizes that this is a challenging time to make decisions about studying abroad next semester. We would like to reassure students that at this time, we are hopeful for our next semester abroad and plan to move forward with our fall programs as planned. Our highest priority is the health and safety of our students and we will continue to review public health and travel advisory guidance leading up to the Fall 2020 semester.

Should we ultimately decide it is necessary to transition or suspend a program for health and/or safety reasons, application and program fees will be reimbursed. We hope that students feel comfortable continuing their application should they wish to study abroad next semester. We encourage students to explore our study options this fall in hopes that they have the semester of a lifetime abroad.

There is still time to apply to Center programs:

Application deadline is April 1. Contact the International Program Advisor with questions or schedule a virtual advising appointment here.

At this time, applications will no longer be accepted for London Drama, London Architecture or Florence Architecture programs.