Learning in Community

students in london along water

Learning in Community is a structured program for students to engage with their peers around particular topics at Syracuse London. Through the Learning Communities model, students can take classes, travel, live, intern, and volunteer alongside other students with similar interests.

The “Learning in Community” 1-credit seminar will (1) invite students to a series of relevant events throughout the semester and (2) require students to attend biweekly discussions, to be scheduled based on shared availability.

In pursuit of community-centric experiential learning, Learning Communities will feature a strong focus on site visits, volunteering activities, and guest speakers. Course grades will be based on engaged participation, self-assessment, and an end-of-semester showcase presentation to a public audience.

Environment, Sustainability and Policy (ESP) Community

Regularly ranked as one of the world’s Top 10 Sustainable Cities (Arcadis), home to many of the world’s greenest buildings (BREEAM), and technically a forest given its extensive green spaces, London is a natural home for sustainability studies.

The Syracuse London Center offers a wide range of courses and experiential learning opportunities in ESP, from seminars that travel to Scandinavia and parts of the U.K., to internship options, research possibilities, symposia, extra-curricular programming, and course offerings across multiple disciplines.

Highlights and Requirements

Requirements include choosing at least one course from the list of offerings below; adding the required one-credit ESP discussion group; and participating in the ESP public symposium or showcase of works.

  • Course options include a traveling seminar, an interactive studio, and offerings from several disciplines including Economics, Geography, and Political Science.
  • The required discussion group, CAS300 Learning in Community, led and mentored by a member of faculty, meets every other week and includes students from any ESP course. The purpose is to connect ideas across ESP courses; connect students with each other; and connect the group to ESP-themed events and opportunities across London.
  • The group will also collaborate on planning and presenting a public symposium on an ESP topic or a showcase of outstanding student work.

Course Offerings

  • GEO304 Sustainability on Trial: Environmental Justice in Northern Europe
  • ECN362 Globalization, Development and the Environment
  • GEO300.1/NAT300.1 Climates of Resistance: Environmental Racism and Collective Action
  • GEO300.2/PSC300.2 Green Britain? Science, Devolution and Climate Controversies in the UK
  • CRS300.4/GEO300.4 Sustainable Urbanism – new course!

Additional, optional components include:

  • Enrolling in more than one course from the list
  • Taking an ESP-focused internship with a London-based organization
  • Participating in ‘Green Cities’ programming sponsored by the London Center (day trips outside London, weekend trips to other European cities, Town Hall talks on ethical tourism, etc.)