Signature Seminar

Group in Montevideo
Photo by Nick Townsend

Among the special features included in your Chile experience is a 3-credit gateway course, entitled Contemporary Issues in Chile and Latin America (required). Designed to provide a broad overview of culture within the Southern Cone, the seminar introduces you to important political, sociological, and environmental issues in the region—themes that you will pursue through various courses during the semester.

The seminar consists of field study, lectures, site visits, and guest speakers both before and during the regular semester. The 11-day seminar (eight days of travel and three days of classroom instruction) includes travel to urban and rural areas in Uruguay, Chile, and Argentina. The seminar is broken into two parts:

  • Part 1: 8-day field seminar, broken down as follows:
    • 1 day in Chile (Santiago)
    • 4 days in Argentina (Buenos Aires)
    • 3 days in Uruguay (Montevideo)
  • Part 2: Classes in Santiago