Engineering in Strasbourg

Strasbourg Engineering students, fall 2022
Strasbourg Engineering students, fall 2022

Engineering students can study abroad!

Syracuse Abroad and the College of Engineering & Computer Science have specially designed a fall-only program in Strasbourg, France for first semester, second year students in engineering and computer science programs to stay on track to graduate.

Designed for students in:

  • Aerospace Engineering
  • Bio Engineering
  • Civil Engineering
  • Computer Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering

Courses are taught in English at the Syracuse Strasbourg Center and at INSA Institute Strasbourg. INSA is France’s largest engineering university, with six campuses around the country. Students may also register for non-engineering courses if space in their schedule allows, including 1-credit community internships.

During the semester, you’ll live with French host families and have access to all of the activities arranged by the staff at the Syracuse Strasbourg Center. Living with a host family allows you to use the French you’ve learned in class and develop insights into French culture and daily life!

Requirements: Minimum GPA: 3.0; Students with a GPA between 2.5 and 3.0 can petition the Syracuse University College of Engineering and Computer Science to apply. There is no language prerequisite, however, all students must take a French language course.

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Studying at the crossroads of Europe

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Course Offerings

Courses offered at Syracuse Strasbourg:

  • MAT397: Calculus III
  • ECS221: Statics
  • French Language courses
  • Additional courses offered in Strasbourg

Courses offered at the INSA Institute:

  • PHY280.1/280.2: General Physics II & lab
  • ELE280.1/280.2: Electrical Engineering Fundamentals & lab (excluding Computer Engineering students)

All courses will follow Syracuse University curricula and syllabi, and will use familiar teaching and assessment methods.

Questions? Contact:

Maria Marceau, College of Engineering & Computer Science

  • Director, Records & Study Abroad, 129 Link Hall
  • (315) 443-5191

Student Spotlight

Eva K

“Taking classes at INSA allowed me to regularly be in the same building as French engineering students and occasionally work with them. In one class, we had a few lectures where each SU undergraduate was partnered with an INSA graduate student to solve problem sets.”

– Eva Kamman ’21

Read more about Eva’s journey: Adventures in Strasbourg