Program Dates

Students in Strasbourg Christmas market
Photo by Emma Stephens

Strasbourg Fall 2021 Dates

Programs that include classes at local universities may have different teaching, break, exam periods, and program end dates. Some dates may be subject to change pending publication of the local university academic calendar. Students receive a detailed program calendar upon arrival abroad. Use this guide [PDF, 361 KB] for information on how to look up academic and financial deadlines for classes once you are registered and your class schedule is reflected in MySlice.

Students arrive in Strasbourg: August 31

Required orientation: August 31 – September 5

Semester Classes begin: September 6

Semester Break: October 23 – November 1

Syracuse Center Program final exams start: December 13

Syracuse Center and Discovery Programs end: December 17

French Language Institute, Université de Strasbourg, Sciences Po-Strasbourg  and Engineering Programs end: December 18