People in boat on water in Japan 2022 Summer Programs in Asia


Japan: Ecology, Phenomena, Craft

Examine important historical, designed environments of Japan, especially architectural, as a means of study of key relationships and phenomena in the history and practice of design of the built environment. The program will focus on the relationships between the unique ecological and physical environment of central Japan, particular cultural forms and phenomena found there, and distinctive traditional practices in design. (6 credits; DES 300/500)


Singapore Summer Internship Program – cancelled for summer 2022

The program begins with a one-week mandatory orientation, which includes guest lectures, visits to local companies, and time to explore Singapore while work visas are secured. The second week begins the internship experience. Most students are placed in multinational companies who have made Singapore their regional headquarters for operations in Southeast Asia. Students must be prepared to stay on for their internship placement for 11-12 weeks. Placements are available in a variety of areas, including but not limited to: supply chain, process improvement, corporate finance, accounting, marketing, customer service, general management, legal, public affairs, and communications/entertainment. (3 or 6 credits; BUA 470/670 + optional BUA 490/690)

South Korea

Past and Contemporary Built-Environment in South Korea – cancelled for summer 2022

Through participatory projects with students from partner universities in Seoul, analytical sketches of the local environments, and experiential observations, students will share perspectives of global phenomena found in the built environment, examine characteristics of the local landscape, and explore form and space shaped by local ecology. (3 credits; DES 300/500)