Urban Labs Central Europe

Students explore Wroclaw during the winter holidays

While traveling and studying in Europe, you will be an action researcher contributing to a publicly accessible website called Urban Labs. Using the cities and sites you visit as laboratories for the study of local history, identity, and memory, you will creatively reflect on your travels, interviews, site visits, observations, and exchanges, and share your experiences, photographs, and research with the world. As an Urban Labs contributor, you will collaborate with others, and inspire action too. This way, you will have a voice in deliberations about Europe’s history, but also its future.

Visit www.urbanlabsce.eu to read the contributions of recent students:

  • The Hidden Truth Inside East Berlin
  • Message from Wroclaw: Solidarity with Mizzou
  • The Creation of a National Identity through Militarization
  • My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding or My Big Fat False Portrayal