Covid-19 Plans

Covid-19 precautions and support measures will likely remain a feature of study abroad for the foreseeable future. Therefore, Syracuse Abroad has put in place comprehensive health and safety measures to help support your experience abroad, and we are pleased to share these plans here.

Questions?  Please contact your International Program Advisor directly, or you can send us an email and we will be happy to address your inquiry. We continue to closely monitor conditions, government regulations, and best practices as they evolve, and our plans will be modified accordingly.  Please check routinely for updated information.

Spring 2021 Information

Center program students: See Syracuse Abroad Spring 2021 program message.

Note that a special program for Architecture students only is being offered for spring 2021. For related questions, contact Cullen Stubbs, International Program Advisor for Syracuse Florence.

World Partner program students: Continue to monitor the World Partner program’s Covid-19 plans and updates. As program updates are received, students will be informed.  However, note that some information is sent only to participants, so it is critical that students monitor communications from their program.  Please contact our World Partner program office if you have questions.

Summer 2021 Information

We are optimistic about summer and short-term program offerings for summer 2021. More information will be coming about specific Coronavirus safety plans for the summer and short-term programs.

Fall 2021 Information

Recent announcements concerning the availability of Covid-19 vaccinations suggest optimism for fall 2021. Information regarding fall 2021 will be provided on an ongoing basis.

Center program plans: