Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the most popular questions Syracuse Abroad receives from its newly-accepted students (some information does not apply to World Partner programs):

Will the credits I earn abroad count toward my major/degree?

All Syracuse Abroad students receive Syracuse University credit for courses taken abroad, even when taken at host/partner universities. For SU students, this credit is applied toward major or elective requirements. Visiting students receive credits either as home-university credit or as transfer credit, and should confirm their home school policy with their study abroad adviser.

Can I use my financial aid to study abroad?

For Syracuse students, financial aid is automatically applied to the Syracuse Abroad semester programs. Students from other schools are usually able to apply their federal financial aid to Syracuse Abroad programs, and Syracuse will work with the financial aid offices at other schools to facilitate the process. If you are depending on loans to study abroad, we need written confirmation of the amount you will receive as soon as you know, so we can apply this as a credit to your account. Students participating on summer programs are eligible for both federal and private loans and study abroad grants.

When do I register for courses?

Florence, London, Strasbourg and Madrid Center students register online before they arrive abroad. Santiago students register on site (fall semesters) or are administratively registered by our office (spring semesters). Central Europe students are administratively registered by our office based on their Student Advising Form (SAF) pre-selections.

Can I change my mind about which courses I want?

Yes, you can change courses during registration, and then you also have a one-week drop/add period to finalize your registration. However, you are responsible for making sure your home college will approve your new choices, so bring your advisor’s email info with you.

If I take courses with course fees for special trips, how do I pay?

These get added to your account after you register and so are billed to your billing address (or to your school, in some cases).

When will I know who my host family is?

You learn about your host family during orientation before you are placed. At that time the housing coordinator can answer your questions and share other students’ feedback about the placement.

Is it possible to change the host placement?

We ask that you try the placement for a two-week period. In almost all cases, concerns and reservations fall away during this adjustment period. If there are irreconcilable differences, the housing coordinator can work with you to make a change.

When will I hear about my internship placement?

You will meet with the internship coordinator (or director, in some programs) during orientation abroad to learn about various options. The placement is finalized once you have an interview with the prospective on-site supervisor(s).

Does Syracuse Abroad have group flights?

Syracuse Abroad students will have the option to book all domestic and international travel through our preferred travel agency, Advantage Travel of Central New York.  Several months before your departure, your program advisor will send you detailed instructions on when, where, and how to arrange your travel.  Please do not book any travel until you hear from your advisor.

In past semesters, we have worked with a travel agent who has reserved group flights for some Syracuse center programs. A Syracuse Abroad representative (a staff or faculty member) also escorts the group flight in most cases. Students who choose to book flights online or through other agents will need to make their own arrangements to meet up with the group.

When do I need to pay?

Full payment is required prior to departure, unless you are on the Syracuse University Payment Plan or have financial aid loans that will be applied after your departure.

What if I get sick or have an emergency abroad?

The Syracuse Abroad center staff has an on-call person 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The Syracuse Abroad main campus office also has an on-call person after hours who can respond to an emergency. See the Student Health and Safety section of our website, or call us at 1-800-235-3472 if you still have concerns.

What do I need to do before I leave campus?

 1.) On-Campus Housing and Meal Plan Contracts

You must cancel on-campus housing and meal plan contracts for the term you are abroad. It is your responsibility to personally complete paperwork in the housing office. Forms are available in the Housing, Meal Plan, and ID Card Service Center (111 Waverly, Suite 111) and the South Campus Housing Office (210 Goldstein Student Center).

Spring semester students: Spring semester charges for housing and meal plans are posted to your bursar account the first week in November. To prevent those charges from appearing on your bursar bill, you must complete cancellation paperwork in the housing office by the end of October. To avoid a late cancellation charge, you must complete cancellation paperwork in the housing office by the last day of classes.

Spring semester housing cancellations cannot be completed by phone, email, or a third party. When you complete the cancellation paperwork in the housing office, you receive instructions on checking out properly. If you reside off campus and have a meal plan, you can email your cancellation request to You must include your SUID number and your reason for cancellation in your email.

Fall semester students: If you reserved housing for the academic year during the housing reservation process or submitted a housing application and subsequently decided you are going abroad, you must notify the housing office to cancel your charges by June 1 to avoid a late cancellation charge. Email or call the housing office 315-443-2721 and provide your name, SUID number, reason for cancellation, and instructions for crediting your advance housing payment. There is no refund of the advance payment after June 1.

If you reside off campus and have a meal plan, you can email your cancellation request to using your email. You must include your SUID number and your reason for cancellation in your email.

 2.) Applying for Campus Housing Arrangements When You Return

Returning for spring semester: Your email address will be provided to the SU housing office in October so that you can be notified when the online housing application is available through MySlice. The advance housing payment, which is not billed, must be received in order for you to access the online application.

Returning for fall semester: Housing reservation process (HRP) You must have resided in University housing for the entire semester immediately preceding your participation in the Syracuse Abroad program and meet HRP eligibility requirements to participate in the HRP. Prior to your campus departure, while completing your housing cancellation paperwork, you will be asked if you plan to return to University housing and wish to participate in the HRP. Upon notification of your plan to participate and our confirmation of your prior SU housing occupancy, housing staff will flag your status as a candidate for participation. This will ensure you are included in all HRP email communications and that the bill for the advance payment is sent to your billing address. A random reservation number will be generated for eligible participants based upon the number of prior semesters (fall or spring) you resided in University housing.

Four conditions must be met to qualify for participation in the HRP. Failure to meet these criteria prevents access to the online Housing Reservation Process. You must:

  • Be a candidate for participation.
  • Make the advance housing payment by the payment deadline.
  • Agree to abide by the terms and conditions of student housing online through MySlice.
  • Not already have a University room assignment from an earlier phase of the HRP.

Post-Housing Reservation Process Application: If you do not participate or are ineligible for participation in the HRP, your email address will be provided to the SU housing office so that you can be notified when the online housing application is available through MySlice. The advance housing payment, which is not billed to post-HRP applicants, must be received in order for your access to the online application to proceed.

For more information regarding housing and accommodations on or off campus, visit the Studying Abroad – Student Living page and Housing Search website.

 3.) Course Registration for the Semester You Return

SU Students: Your home school or college will send you information on course registration for the semester you return to campus. You will be responsible for your own registration. Please check with your academic advisor regarding your required courses before going overseas, especially if you plan to study abroad for the entire academic year.

Visiting Students: If you usually register for courses prior to the start of a semester, make appropriate arrangements with your home institution to do so overseas.

4.) Absentee Ballots

If you are overseas in November and won’t be home to vote in a local or national election, you can make arrangements to receive an absentee ballot. Check with your local election board about the procedure you must follow. You may want to have a member of your family pick up the ballot and mail it to you. Ballots for national elections are available at U.S. embassies and consulates.

Covid-19 Related FAQ

How will it be decided if a program is canceled?

The Office of Global Safety & Support at Syracuse University carefully monitors developments in close cooperation with various offices on the local, national, and international level such as the NYS Department of Health, the CDC, U.S. State Department, and International SOS.  We want to provide the very best study abroad experience for each of you. If we feel that your health is at risk beyond our ability to reasonably mitigate that risk, we will modify or cancel the program as needed.  Other conditions such as border closures will result in a program cancellation.

If my program is canceled, can I obtain on-campus housing if I’m a Syracuse University student?

While you will need to be flexible with the on-campus housing location, housing may be available in the unlikely event that your Syracuse Abroad program is canceled.  Please contact Syracuse University’s Housing, Meal Plan & ID Card Services Office directly by email at or by phone at 315-443-2721 to discuss further.

Will I be able to register for courses on main campus if my semester abroad is canceled?

In the unlikely event that upcoming Syracuse Abroad programs are canceled, Syracuse Abroad would offer your scheduled semester abroad courses online if the decision to cancel was made at a time where it’s too late to register for courses on main campus or your home university.  Students attending local partner institutions abroad may need to move to online Syracuse Abroad Center courses if online courses are not available through the institution.  We encourage you to consult with your academic advisor to discuss other academic contingency plans.  

Can I defer my enrollment to a future semester? If I defer my enrollment, will I be able to apply my application fee (paid by all students) and deposit (paid by visiting and Florence program students) to a future program?

Yes, you can defer your application to a subsequent semester. If you wish to defer your enrollment, your application fee and deposit will be applied to your future program. View our refund policy.

Will I be covered by insurance?

As a student studying abroad with Syracuse, you automatically receive travel insurance benefits as part of your program fee. This is not major medical coverage, but will provide coverage for accidents or emergencies that occur overseas. It is important that you review your private insurance to see if global coverage is included. Taking into consideration the Syracuse Abroad insurance along with your private insurance, you can then make an informed decision on whether to purchase additional coverage based on your health situation.

Will the University’s travel insurance cover Covid-19 testing?

University travel insurance will NOT cover preventive testing. However, should a student become ill then any necessary diagnostic testing will be covered as will any necessary treatment.

How will Syracuse Abroad support students who unexpectedly become ill prior to the end of the program and unable to participate in in-person activities?

Staff will support students through regular contact and virtual engagement activities; arranging grocery delivery services and any supplies or support students may require. Virtual classes and/or appropriate accommodations will be made to support students’ ability to stay on track academically. All academic classes are prepared to pivot quickly to online learning if necessary. Extensive training for all faculty has taken place to ensure skillful use of virtual teaching approaches.

If a program unexpectedly ends early due to global events, and students must return home early, will Syracuse Abroad cover flight costs?

Syracuse Abroad is unable to purchase tickets for students, make flight arrangements or cover the cost of an early return flight. Students are encouraged to purchase flights that have flexible ticket policies to allow for minimal or no change fees.

What if I have more questions?

If you’d like to talk to a staff member, you can email Syracuse Abroad at If you’d like to speak to a former student, Syracuse Abroad global ambassadors have already been abroad and are eager to share their expertise.