Post-Acceptance Checklist

  1. Complete all post-acceptance forms by logging into OrangeAbroad and checking your dashboard for incomplete items.
  2. International Students: Make an appointment with the Center for International Services  to discuss immigration rules related to study abroad.
  3. Visa: Apply for your student visa or travel documents. World Partner students are responsible for obtaining their own visa with the guidance of the World Partner program.
  4. Financial aid: Read the financial aid and scholarship information on the Syracuse Abroad website and meet with your financial aid counselor to understand how your current financial aid will apply toward study abroad.
  5. Work with your major/minor and general academic advisors to complete your World Partner Student Advising form (one of the post-acceptance forms found in OrangeAbroad).
  6. Reach out to a Global Ambassador or talk to other program alumni. The best way to understand what to expect when you are abroad is to talk to someone who has already participated in the program.
  7. Submit all your World Partner’s required post-acceptance forms, even if they include information already provided to Syracuse University or Syracuse Abroad.
  8. Insurance: Review your private health insurance, the Syracuse Abroad travel insurance, and the World Partner insurance (if applicable). After reviewing this information and taking into consideration your own health needs, you will be able to decide if you need to purchase additional insurance.
  9. Talk to your doctor to make sure all your immunizations are up to date. Research required vaccinations for your host country (should be given six weeks before departure). 
  10. Consider purchasing personal property insurance, if you bring your mobile phone, laptop or other  electronics (such as a camera) abroad.
  11. Follow your World Partner’s instructions to book your flight. Information will be provided to you after your acceptance.
  12. Housing: If applicable, cancel Syracuse housing for your semester abroad. You must cancel housing for the fall semester by July 1 and spring semester by the last week in November. For more information visit, Studying Abroad – Student Living.