Requesting Your Transcript

Information for Visiting Students

Your home college or university will need an official transcript from Syracuse University in order to award credit for your semester on a Syracuse Abroad program. Transcripts are not issued automatically. You will need to submit a request to the Syracuse University Registrar’s office once you have confirmed that your grades are posted and you have no financial holds.

Syracuse Abroad provides one transcript at no charge for all visiting students. Your free transcript is redeemable for one year from the end of your program. All transcripts that are mailed are charged a mailing fee.

Additional transcripts beyond the first (including e-transcripts) or late requests are charged a transcript processing fee, plus the mailing fee.

Only students may request copies of their transcript.

  1. First, check to make sure all of your grades have been posted. You can do this in MySlice: under ‘Academics’ select ‘Grades’.
  2. Grades for courses taken at Syracuse centers are generally posted within two weeks of the program’s end. If you took classes at a foreign university, you may need to wait several weeks after the program ends for all of your grades to post.
  3. Questions regarding your grades should first be sent to the faculty member for your class. Additional concerns or inquiries can be sent to Courtney Eppel ( student records specialist.
  4. Check to make sure your account is free of holds. Transcripts will not be released for accounts with judicial holds. You can check to see if your account has a hold by checking MySlice: under ‘Holds’.
    1. If you have questions regarding financial holds or billing, contact the Syracuse Abroad business office at
  5. Request your transcript: Make certain you have the correct address to have your transcript issued to when making your request. Transcript request instructions as well as FAQs regarding transcripts can be found on the Syracuse University Registrar’s website
  6. If you have questions about your transcript request, you may contact the Syracuse University Registrar’s office directly at: 315-443-2422 or